Medical Publications

rhinoplasty-revision-rhinoplasty-medical-publicationMobley SR. (2006). Nasal bridge augmentation with a composite graft of autologous and alloplastic materials. Ear Nose Throat J, 85(11), 714, 716. View PDF


Mobley SR. ENDURAGen as a new alloplast in rhinoplasty. Snowbird Symposium for Facial Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. Snow UT. 2bird,007.


Mobley SR. Management of the Caudal Septum Deviation — Extracorporal Septoplasty. Pacific Coast Oto-Ophthalmological Society 90th Annual Meeting. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 2006. View PDF

blepharoplasty-medical-publicationMost SP, Mobley SR, Larrabee WF Jr. (2005). Anatomy of the eyelids. Facial Plast Surg Clin North Am, 13(4), 487-92, v.  View PDF



University Teaching Hospital Embraces the Private Practice Setting. Surgical Tissue Adhesives. View PDF

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CummingsMobley SR, Thomas JR. (2005). Scar revision and camouflage. In CW Cummings, JM Fredrickson, LE Harker, CJ Krause, DE Schuller (Eds.), Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery – 4th Edition (4th, 1, pp. 572-581). Philadelphia: Mosby, Inc. VIEW JPG

Mobley SR. (2005). Combining multiple surgical techniques for maximum scar camouflage. Ear Nose Throat J, 84(7), 408-9.

Mobley SR, Tansavatdi KP. (In Press). Dermabrasion. In JR Thomas (Ed.), Advanced Therapy in Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. Hamilton, Ontario: BC Decker. VIEW JPG

Mobley SR, Thomas JR. (In Press). Keloids, hypertrophic scars and scar revision. In M Gleeson (Ed.), Scott Brown’s Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery – 7th Edition (7th). London: Arnold.

microtia-medical-publicationSurgical procedure boosts hearing, self confidence. Salt Lake Tribune, November 3, 2004. VIEW ARTICLE
functional-nasal-surgery-medical-publciationMobley SR. (2008). The “pancake flip”: Management of extreme internal curvature of the lower lateral cartilage. Ear Nose Throat J, 87(3), 136-7. View PDF



Mobley SR, Orlandi RR, Toriumi DM. (2005). The nasal airway. In JG McCarthey, RD Galiano, S Boutros (Eds.), Current Therapy in Plastic Surgery (pp. 313-318). Philadelphia: Elsevier Health Sciences. View PDF



The Apical Triangle: An Overlooked Aesthetic Facial Subunit (2011) View PDF



A Graded Approach to Repairing the Stenotic Nasal Vestibule (2010) View PDF



Nuara MJ, Mobley SR. (2007). Nasal valve suspension revisited. Laryngoscope, 117(12), 2100-6.Mobley SR. (2008).

functional-eyelift-brow-lift-medical-publicationMost SP, Mobley SR, Larrabee WF Jr. (2005). Anatomy of the eyelids. Facial Plast Surg Clin North Am, 13(4), 487-92, v.  View PDF
Male-Facial-RejuvenationDaines SM, Mobley SR. (In Press). Considerations in male aging face consultation: psychologic aspects. Facial Plast Surg Clin North Am.
skin-cancer-forehead-flaps-medical-publicationsMobley SR. (2004). Powered instrumentation for facial flap thinning. Ear Nose Throat J, 83(7), 460-461. View PDF



Mobley SR. (2004). Stretching the limits of full-thickness skin grafts. Ear Nose Throat J, 83(8), 526, 528. View PDF



Mobley SR. (2004). Bilobed flap design in nasal reconstruction. Ear Nose Throat J, 83(1), 26-7. View PDF



Miller TR, Mobley SR. A New and Alternative Technique for Supra-alar Crease Reconstruction. Western Section Meeting of the Triological Society. Scottsdale, AZ. 2004. Samolitis NJ, Florell SR, Mobley SR, Bowen GM. (2005). Use of a conchal bowl flap for repair of the earlobe. Arch Dermatol, 141(8), 947-9. View PDF



Elegant Solutions for Complex Paramedian Forehead Flap Reconstruction. View PDF 16th Annual Chandler Society Resident and Fellow Research Forum.

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I'm fortunate to get nice messages from my patients. This one I just had to share:
"I just want to say thank you sooo sooo much for the exceptional job you did on my face and neck. It far surpassed what I was expecting. You and your staff have been great!"
I love my job and I love my amazing staff/team. It's especially telling that this wonderful patient acknowledged me and the whole TEAM.
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