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dr-steven-mobley-salt-lake-cityA Utah neck lift, surgically named a “platysmaplasty”, is a popular surgical procedure designed to tighten the loose muscles and skin from around the jawline down to the Adam’s Apple. As you age, regardless of how healthy a lifestyle you maintain, it is common to develop excessive skin around the jaw line and neck. Necklift surgery is typically performed around the age of 55 but can be a great procedure in some people 10 years older or younger than 55. A neck lift involves directing a great deal of attention to the platysma, which is the band of muscle that extends from the upper collarbone to the edges of the jawbone. If you have excess “turkey gobbler” skin, a neck lift alone is all that may be required.

Dr. Mobley was an invited national teacher at a surgical “workshop” where he taught neck lift techniques to doctors from around the country at this national meeting in Washington DC. Dr. Mobley has also published on cosmetic facelift procedures.


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Mobley MD is a one of a kind haven for nose and facial transformation. Nationally acclaimed Steven Mobley, MD has improved the facial appearance of politicians, sports figures, and other nationally known individuals. He as also helped improve the lives of people from all walks of life, from doctors, to soccer moms, and business executives.
Dr. Steven Mobley has been featured on Inside Edition, Good Morning America, People and Cosmopolitan magazines. Dr. Mobley has over 15 years of experience and has positively transformed thousands of patients nose, eyes, ears, and necklines. Mobley MD Facial Plastic Surgery attracts patients from all over the world and all walks of life. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.


One of the greatest benefits of a Utah neck lift is that it can help restore the natural jawline to a more generalized youthful facial appearance. While we don’t consciously think about it, subconsciously we assess someone’s age by noting certain shadow lines and highlights of facial lines, and as we get older, the sharp line between our jaw and neck begins to fade. A neck lift is one of the most powerful operations Dr. Mobley performs to restore a more youthful appearance to the face and especially the neckline.

Good candidates for a neck lift typically:

  • Are more or less at ideal/average body weight
  • Have loose skin and muscle below the jawline and above the Adam’s apple
  • May have crinkly or wrinkled skin in the middle portions of the neck
  • Are willing to undergo a few hours of elective cosmetic surgery


Many patients start learning about facial rejuvenation thinking they need a Neck Lift but often soon learn that a traditional Facelift may be an important complimentary procedure to meet their rejuvenation goals.

For some patients, a neck lift alone may not be all that is needed to achieve their ultimate cosmetic goals but for others; combing necklift with facelift may be a better combination. A face-lift, or Rhytidectomy, can be thought of as a superior (upwards) extension of a neck lift, with further tightening of the tissues above the jawline up to the cheek bone area. This achieves a complete rejuvenation from the level of the cheekbones down to the Adam’s apple.

Procedures that often complement a neck lift are:


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Patient Story – Neck Lipo, Neck Lift, Chin Aug
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Patient Story – Facelift and Necklift


Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Lifts

In simplest terms, rhytidectomy is an operation that is performed to surgically tighten the facial tissues. I perform what is called a modified deep-plane lift, meaning that an emphasis is placed on muscle tightening, not pulling the skin tight. This creates a natural look, and not a “wind-blown” appearance. I feel strongly about avoiding a surgical, pulled-too-tight look, and I find that conservative tightening is the best way to go. I hide my incisions around the ears and in the back part of the hair. This incision hides very well in both men (click for image) and women (click for image). For many of my patients, getting rid of that “turkey gobbler” look is one of their greatest rewards from this procedure.

For patients requiring a mid-facelift, very small incisions are hidden in the crow’s feet of the eyes and in the hairline. “Mid-lifts” are for patients whose natural cheek fullness has dropped and needs to be repositioned up over the cheek bone where it was in earlier years. Only after a complete physical exam can I determine if a facelift or “mid-lift” is most appropriate for you.

To fully understand the costs of cosmetic surgery, you must understand the guiding principles of Dr. Mobley’s medical practice: quality, safety, and respect for costs. Dr. Mobley has not designed the surgical experience to be the lowest bid; rather, he wants you to have an exceptionally high-quality medical experience. If this interests you, please read on.

Three main components contribute to your final cosmetic surgery fee. The first component is the surgeon’s fee. As this is a medical experience, your final surgeon’s fee can only be determined after a full consultation. Dr. Mobley will perform a complete history and physical exam and we will carefully discuss your concerns.

A recent survey of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed the average professional fee for neck-lifting surgery is around $8000. Dr. Mobley’s professional fee will tend to be in that range. However, there are two additional fees for every neck lift operation: the surgical facility and the anesthesia provider.

Dr. Mobley does not skimp when deciding where to do your surgery. Your surgery will be performed in a state-of-the-art certified surgical facility. If IV or general anesthesia is needed, you will be cared for by some of Utah’s top anesthesia providers.

When you combine all three fees (surgeon, facility, and anesthesia), the final cost for your facelift can fall within a broad range. For example, some patients only require an in-office mini neck lift and these tend to cost between $5800-$7800. Many times a full neck-lift can be performed safely in the office O.R. and the fee for these tends to be around $7200-$8800. If a formal operating room and full anesthesia are used, it can add approximately $2000-$3500 to the final procedure price. The majority of neck lift patients should be expecting a final cost between $7200 to $11500. You can always find a lower fee, but at Mobley MD we pride ourselves on the fact that Dr. Mobley is one of the most well regarded Facial Plastic Surgeons in the Intermountain West. There are no regrets when you choose the best.

After your consultation you will leave the office with an easy to understand written quote in which we will list the cost of these three components for your individualized surgical plan. Keep in mind that the facility and anesthesia fees are time-based and so may be change based on the actual final length of your surgery.

Dr. Mobley wants to make cosmetic surgery available to as many people as possible. For that reason we have  partnered with CareCredit to provide lending services. With CareCredit you can take up to 36 months to pay with no interest programs available. When you come in for your consultation we will be more than happy to go over all your financial options with you.

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Neck Lift surgery may require one to two weeks for a complete recovery. Some of my patients are ready to work after just one week, but most require two weeks for a complete recovery. It is my experience that most people desire some privacy to their recovery, so waiting a full two weeks can be the best approach.

For the first 1-2 days following surgery, the face is wrapped with a compressive bandage. This can cause some pressure discomfort, but most patients find this very tolerable, particularly in combination with the pain medications that all patients receive. Once the compressive head-wrap is removed, most patients feel that the majority of their discomfort has been alleviated. It is normal to feel tightness in the neck muscles under the chin. This is simply a sign of a successful surgical tightening of the neckline. This lasts for about 7 days.

Every type of surgery has risks. It’s my ethical responsibility to educate you on these risks so you can make the best possible decision for yourself while weighing these risks against the benefits of surgery. My training helps me to minimize these risks to the best of my ability, but I cannot eliminate them entirely.

Common risks include loss of hair follicles near incision sites, distortion of the earlobe, asymmetry, facial nerve weakness, numb earlobe, thick scars, residual fat or skin laxity, and blood collection under the skin.

The risks above are the most common ones that I think you should be aware of, but they are not a complete list of all possible risks. When I see you in consultation and we begin to formulate your surgical treatment plan, I’ll review with you not only these common risks but also the less likely complications that may occur.

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