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dr-steven-mobley-salt-lake-cityOne of the most exciting evolutions in cosmetic facial surgery over the last decade has been cosmetic fat transfers. A rapidly growing facial rejuvenating procedure, the process of cosmetic fat transfer can restore a much more youthful volume to the cheekbones, lower eyelid areas, temples, and basically any facial area.

Although not a perfect analogy, facial aging can be thought of as similar to a deflating balloon. Young faces are taut, both in the skin and also in the volume filling that skin. Younger faces have round, full cheeks, soft eyebrows and full temples. As we get older, we tend to deflate like a balloon and this has two main consequences on our appearance that make us look older. One, our faces and necks become saggy in a vertical sense, with the skin dropping downward from the constant pull of gravity. However, facial sag is only half of the reason we look older. Older faces also lose volume in the cheeks, mid-face, temples and around the lower eyes. Cosmetic Fat Transfers can naturally restore a more volume-appropriate youthful appearance.

Dr. Mobley has performing cosmetic fat transfer for about as long as he has been in practice since 2002. He has performed hundreds of cases, mostly for cosmetic purposes but occasionally using his techniques to help reconstruct the faces of gun shot victims, cancer survivors and victims of other traumas such as dog bites. No other surgeon brings the unique breadth of experience that Dr. Mobley will bring to your cosmetic fat transfer. Remember, Dr. Mobley performs 14 times more cosmetic fat transfers than the average plastic surgeon based on national data.

Several decades ago the surgical emphasis on facial rejuvenation was placed on pulling skin tighter. This often led to an unnatural wind-blown or overly tightened look. Then, approximately 10 to 15 years ago, the widespread acceptance of cosmetic fat transfers made it possible for surgeons to not only make the face look younger with tightening, but ALSO look younger by enhancing the face with fullness and natural rounding. The most popular areas tend to be the cheekbones, lower eyelids and temples.

Cosmetic fat injection transfers can be performed in the operating room setting, but because they are a minimally invasive procedure, they can also be performed in the office setting. For some patients, this provides them with excellent cosmetic rejuvenation without the added cost of being in the operating room.


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Dr. Steven Mobley has been featured on Inside Edition, Good Morning America, People and Cosmopolitan magazines. Dr. Mobley has over 15 years of experience and has positively transformed thousands of patients nose, eyes, ears, and necklines. Mobley MD Facial Plastic Surgery attracts patients from all over the world and all walks of life. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.


Cosmetic fat transfer/grafting may be a good choice for you if you have:

  • Bags and/or dark circles under your eyes
  • Deep facial creases
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Sunken temples

It is important for you to be in relatively good health and realistic as to what this procedure can and cannot do for you. If you are quite lean and athletic in build then you may not have enough fat to act as a donor material. Fortunately for those individuals, there are other excellent choices such as Cosmetic Injectables and Sculptra. Dr. Mobley will thoroughly discuss your options and help you determine the choices best for you at your consultation.


Cosmetic fat transfers are frequently added on to other rejuvenation procedures such as:


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Patient Story (Cosmetic Fat Transfer)
Patient Story (Cosmetic Fat Transfer)
Patient Story (Cosmetic Fat Transfer)
Patient Story (Cosmetic Fat Transfer)
Patient Story
Patient Story
Patient Story – Fat and Sculptra
Patient Story – Cosmetic Fat
Patient Story – Neck/Face, Chin, Fat
Rhino, Neck, Fat
Patient Story – neck lift, lower eyes
Patient Story – necklift, facelift, fat, bleph
Patient – Bleph Upper and Fat
Patient Story – Neck Lipo, Upper Bleph, and Fat Injection.
Patient – Cosmetic Fat


Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Fat Transfer

During cosmetic fat transfer, fat is extracted from one part of the body and injected into the face. One of the benefits of fat is that it is mostly considered a permanent filler. That means that unlike “gel” fillers it does not have to be regularly repeated at 6-12 month intervals. The fat is most often taken from the lower buttock or “love handle” area. The most common areas to inject fat are the cheeks and also the hollow areas under the eyes.

To fully understand the costs of cosmetic surgery, you must understand the guiding principles of Dr. Mobley’s medical practice: quality, safety, and respect for costs. Dr. Mobley has not designed the surgical experience to be the lowest bid; rather, he wants you to have an exceptionally high-quality medical experience. If this interests you, please read on.

Three main components contribute to your final cosmetic surgery fee. The first is the surgeon’s fee. As this is a medical experience, your final surgeon’s fee can only be determined after a full consultation with Dr. Mobley where he will perform a complete history and physical exam and together you will formulate a treatment plan that best fits your cosmetic goals. Computerized imaging is often used to help better plan your surgery.

Dr. Mobley is a national expert in the field of cosmetic fat transfer. He performs 14 times more cosmetic fat transfers than the average aesthetic plastic surgeon and also twice as many as the average facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Mobley performed 30 cosmetic fat transfer cases last year alone.

A recent survey of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed the professional fee for cosmetic fat transfer averages $3000. Dr. Mobley’s professional fee tends to be close to the national average. You may incur additional fees for the use of the facility where the procedure is performed, and for the anesthesia, if necessary. Anesthesia is not usually necessary for cosmetic fat transfers.

A standard cosmetic fat transfer that can be performed in the office will be around $3500, which covers the surgeon’s fee and the facility fee. If you are already in the O.R. having facial surgery and wish to add-on cosmetic fat transfer, this fee can vary from $1000 to $2500. You can always find a lower fee, but at Mobley MD we pride ourselves on the fact that Dr. Mobley is one of the most well regarded Facial Plastic Surgeons in the Intermountain West. There are no regrets when you choose the best.

After your consultation, you will leave the office with an easy to understand written quote in which we will list the cost of these three components for your individualized surgical plan. The facility and anesthesia fees are time-based and so may change based on the actual final length of your surgery.

Dr. Mobley wants to make cosmetic surgery available to as many people as possible. For that reason we have  partnered with CareCredit to provide lending services. With CareCredit you can take up to 36 months to pay with no interest programs available. When you come in for your consultation we will be more than happy to go over all your financial options with you.

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Cosmetic fat transfer is frequently done in the office and can have a reasonably quick recovery. Most patients will feel well enough to go back to work or school 1-4 days after the procedure. Each patient may swell and/or bruise differently and to varying amounts. To be safe, one could plan on most all bruising gone by 10-14 days after the procedure. Patients that are “quick healers” are often looking good 5-8 days after the injections.

Most patients report minimal post op pain. Most all patients are given prescription pain-killers and most patients really need and or use them for the first 1-4 days after the procedure.

Overall, fat is very predictable to give a nice cosmetic outcome. Rarely (< 5% of cases) small lumps are seen and in these few cases, they can be easily reduced with a small in office injection. Rare too, some people need a touch up of fat. This is less than 10% of patients and more common in patients that are very lean with low body weight.

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