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Introducing 3D Neck rejuvenation procedure from MobleyMD.

Have you always been bothered by your neck? Did you once have a tighter, more rejuvenated looking neck line that has sagged and drooped with age and time? MobleyMD has pioneered a new way to restore your neck’s definition through a tiny incision and a procedure designed to DE-BULK, DE-AGE and DEFINE your neck, all done in-office!


A new procedure by pioneering Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Steven Mobley.

Dr. Mobley created the 3D Neck rejuvenation procedure as a way to offer his patients the visual effects of a major facial surgery with half the downtime, and through a simple, one-inch incision. Using his years of experience, Dr. Mobley has perfected this quick, in-office procedure

Convenient, safe & effective:

  • Minor surgery achieved through a one-inch incision.
  • Performed in-office at Mobley MD with no anesthesia required.
  • Safe and effective procedure with limited downtime.



In the de-bulking process, this is an advanced evolution of traditional neck liposuction. The difference from traditional neck liposuction is that very often in liposuction the surgeon simply pushes a thin metal cannula (rod) underneath the neck skin and the rod has little holes in it that suction the fat out of the neck and into the cannula. This technique is traditionally done by a sense of feel but the surgeon cannot actually visually see the fat that is removed or left behind. This can have limited accuracy since the surgeon is not directly visualizing the fat.

In 3-D neck rejuvenation, we always start off by doing traditional “closed” neck liposuction but then we transition to open liposuction. With open liposuction, we are directly looking at the fatty tissue that is in the underside of the chin and neck area. Under direct visualization, all through an incision approximately 1” wide with special retractors and high tech LED lighting, we can actually get the remainder of the fat off of the deeper neck muscle called the platysma (to be covered in the next section) so that we really get the best possible neck contour for the patient by combining both traditional closed liposuction but with the advanced technique now of open liposuction.



As we age, by no fault of our own, our neck begins to become loose around the area under the chin and down to the Adam’s apple area. This neck muscle is called the platysma muscle. Even if we maintain a healthy diet, a reasonable body weight, and stay active, the platysma muscle still begins to sag away from the structures of the neck and create bands or cords. The “sagginess” of the platysma muscle can show up at differently based on our age. Some younger patients in their 20s or 30s have noticed they never had a defined neck line. Many of these patients do have a naturally sagging/ loose platysma muscle. Other patients may not notice the platysma muscle at all until around the mid-40s when parts of the muscle will start to show through the skin as “bands” or “cords” that are visible in the neck. In various cases, it is this sagging, or loose, platysma muscle that can cause your neck to loose some of the definition in your profile view so that you no longer have a nice angle between the underside of your chin and the front part of your neck and windpipe area.

In 3-D neck rejuvenation, everything is done through a small 1” skin incision again, using high tech retractors and LED fiber optic lighting; we are able to have an amazing amount of visualization in this procedure. We can actually visualize the loose platysma muscle. The excess platysma muscle is brought to the center of the neck where the excess muscle is held in a special clamp developed by Dr. Mobley exclusively. The excess muscle is removed. Now the two ends of the platysma muscle are then sewn back together and the sewing of these ends together creates an attractive corset type effect that creates attractive definition from underneath the chin and down the front of the neck to the area of the Adam’s apple.



The final component to 3-D neck rejuvenation is to improve jawline definition. Dr. Mobley is a national teacher of cosmetic chin augmentation and so has developed many proprietary techniques unique to his practice. He is a pioneer in “custom carving” of cosmetic chin implants.

In 3-D neck rejuvenation, each chin implant is custom modified so that it is an exact cosmetic match to your particular jaw anatomy. For example, perhaps the very front part of your chin protrudes nicely but the sides of your jawline and chin area are “hollow”. Dr. Mobley will custom carve a chin implant exactly for your facial features that would give you little to no augmentation of your central chin; while at the same time giving you a nice amount of attractive volume along the lateral jaw line.

Each patient walks away from the procedure with a custom shaped chin implant that is an appropriate cosmetic balance to give you the most attractive jawline in balance with your face and body type. This is particularly important for female patients where we want to make the jawline strong but still keep it feminine. Custom chin carving of your implant will make sure that you have a well-defined jawline but at the same time, your jawline will still be feminine, sleek, and attractive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The top questions about our revolutionary new procedure defining faces across America.

In simplest terms, a 3D neck operation is an operation to significantly enhance the definition of the jawline, most commonly combined with a chin implant, as well as tightening of the muscles along the center of the neck. Further, liposuction is performed to remove excess fatty tissues that reduce the appearance of the neck, chin, and under-chin areas.

This incision hides very well under the chin. Usually this incision is about 1 inch wide and is hidden in a natural crease below the chin. When you look at the before and afters on this page, please appreciate that all of this was done with just one small incision under the chin. In no cases on this page were there any cuts made around the ears. That is one of the big differences between 3D necks and neck or face-lifts. If you are over the age of 50, the most common procedure would be a neck-lift or face lift. During your consultation, Dr. Mobley will explain if a 3D neck procedure is right for you; or if an alternative procedure(s) would better help you reach your cosmetic goals.

To fully understand the costs of cosmetic surgery, you must understand the guiding principles of Dr. Mobley’s medical practice: quality, safety, and respect for costs. Dr. Mobley has not designed the surgical experience to be the lowest bid; rather, he wants you to have an exceptionally high-quality medical experience. If this interests you, please read on.

Three main components contribute to your final cosmetic surgery fee. The first component is the surgeon’s fee. As this is a medical experience, your final surgeon’s fee can only be determined after a full consultation with Dr. Mobley where he will perform a complete history and physical exam. He will address any concerns you may have before your procedure.

3D neck procedures are a proprietary procedure offered exclusively by Dr. Mobley. Many other surgeons would need to make incisions in front of your ears to get similar results that Dr. Mobley can achieve with his one-of-a-kind 3D neck procedure.

A 3D neck procedure can be safely and comfortably be performed in the office setting. Typically the procedure is performed under light sedation along with local anesthesia, thus avoiding the “anesthesia hangover” that many patients experience from a deeper anesthetic.

Dr. Mobley’s 3D neck surgery is actually several individual procedures combined into one synergistic cosmetic result to improve your neck and jawline. A 3D neck procedure combines neck liposuction, platysmaplasty, and chin augmentation (often with custom carving of the implant). The average cost for this procedure is around $6,700-$8,500. Costs can vary based on your individual case.

Dr. Mobley wants to make cosmetic surgery available to as many people as possible. For that reason we have  partnered with CareCredit to provide lending services. With CareCredit you can take up to 36 months to pay with no interest programs available. When you come in for your consultation we will be more than happy to go over all your financial options with you.

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A 3D neck procedure requires about 3-4 days of really taking it easy. A few fine stitches are removed from under the chin at one week post op. Like all cosmetic procedures, there is normal swelling in the area and final results are better judged about 2 months after the procedure. Most patients will take 3-7 days off from work. If you work from home, you could be back to work on the 3rd or 4th day after the procedure.

For the first 1-2 days following surgery, the face is wrapped with a compressive bandage. This can cause some pressure discomfort, but most patients find this very tolerable, particularly in combination with the pain medications that all patients receive. Once the compressive head-wrap is removed, most patients feel that the majority of their discomfort has been alleviated. It is normal to feel tightness in the neck muscles under the chin. This is simply a sign of a successful surgical tightening of the neckline. This lasts for about 7 days.

Every type of surgery has risks. It’s my ethical responsibility to educate you on these risks so you can make the best possible decision for yourself while weighing these risks against the benefits of surgery. My training helps me to minimize these risks to the best of my ability, but I cannot eliminate them entirely.

Common risks include numbness of chin, red or visible scar, shifting of the implant, and infection of the implant. Fortunately in many many years of practice Dr. Mobley has not had one implant shift or get infected. Other risks of 3D neck procedures include asymmetry, facial nerve weakness, residual fat or skin laxity, and blood collection under the skin. The risks above are the most common ones that I think you should be aware of, but they are not a complete list of all possible risks. When I see you in consultation and we begin to formulate your surgical treatment plan, I’ll review with you not only these common risks but also the less likely complications that may occur.

Fortunately, the overall majority of patients get through a 3D neck procedure with a relatively quick recovery and without any serious complications.

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