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Mobley MD Facial Plastic Surgery office was built from the ground up and designed specifically for the patient experience. Our patients have exclusive access to Millcreek Surgical Suite, a AAASF nationally certified center that provides an unparalleled experience for discerning cosmetic patients. Located steps away from Utah’s renowned St. Marks Hospital, our office houses our state of the art surgical facility and our boutique medical spa, BeautyNow.


The process for out of town patients in 7 easy steps.

If your plan is to have your consultation and surgery within a few days of each other, it is essential that we have as much information about you as possible in advance in order to estimate your required surgery time and give you quote for out-of-pocket fees.

Please take a set of digital photographs (we require a set of five standard poses) and email them to us. If your consultation is about nasal surgery, please include two more poses (base view and nasal bridge view). Please see the images to the left for an example of how to frame the photos.

How To Take Photographs For Clinical Assessment:

  • Do not take the photos yourself because you will not be able to check that you have the correct angles for the shots
  • Take them in a well-lit area-ideally with light sources from above but angled down towards you on either side (no back-lighting, please)
  • Use a background that contrasts well with your skin tone (medium blue is a good choice)
  • Relax your face completely
  • The photographer must be at the same eye level as you (not shooting down towards or up at you)
  • Do not tilt your head towards or away from the camera for the profile shots
  • For the 3/4 profile shots, the tip of your nose should appear to touch the edge of your cheek when the photographer looks through the lens
  • For the base view rhinoplasty photo, the camera should be held 6-12 inches below your eye level, and the tip of the nose should appear to line up between the eyebrows when the photographer looks through the lens
  • For the nasal bridge photo, from the base view position, drop your chin no more than two inches and have the photographer take a photo along the nasal dorsum at a slight angle, still from below your eye level.

Sending Photos and Paperwork? Please send the photos and paperwork to Sheila, our Cosmetic Care Coordinator:

Sheila Fakhrieh
1045 East 3900 South, Suite 200
Millcreek, UT 84124
(801) 449-9990


If you or your child has a history of certain health conditions, pre-operative clearance may be necessary. Medical conditions such as severe asthma, irregular heartbeats, bleeding disorders or problems with general anesthesia may require pre-operative clearance for otoplasty. In general, most patients seeking otoplasty are in good health to receive the surgery.

Plan on spending an hour in the office for your consultation. This includes your examination by Dr. Mobley and meetings with other staff members who will assist you in planning your surgery. Information about and directions where your surgery will be performed will be provided during your consultation. If arrangements have been made for a weekend consultation, we will give you instructions on where and when to meet us for entering the building. Travel time to the office from any of our recommended hotels is less than 15 minutes.

We encourage patients to travel with a family member or close friend who can assist in your postoperative care. It is a standard of care to have someone with you for at least 24 hours following your surgery; with rare exceptions.  If a friend or family member cannot accompany you, we can assist you in providing nursing care through a local home health agency. We also advise that you have someone assist you with transportation for postoperative clinic appointments since you may be taking pain medication.

Many patients travel from some distance to receive otoplasty surgery by Dr. Mobley. As such, we can tailor your post op care to your specific needs. In general patients are strongly advised to stay in the Salt Lake city area for 1-2 days after their surgery. The stitches placed in the skin do dissolve, so this adds an extra layer of convenience to your post operative care.

When you go home, it is important that you follow all of Dr. Mobley’s printed instructions for your recovery. Follow up after otoplasty is flexible. Local patients are encouraged to return to the office approximately 6 weeks after the procedure. Our out of town patients often send a follow up set of pictures at 6 weeks post-operative.

Why do people travel hundreds of miles for plastic surgery by Steven Mobley, MD?

Dr. Mobley, one of the nation’s premier Facial Plastic Surgeons, has chosen to make his home in the beautiful mountains of Park City, UT with his office and surgery suite located in Salt Lake City. Destination surgery is a great way to experience world class care while saving money. It can also be an ideal way to keep your surgery and recovery confidential to you and only those you choose to tell. Dr. Mobley has been practicing Facial Plastic Surgery for over 20 years and is in what he considers the “Golden Era” of his career. Bringing many years of experience and gorgeous results on par with America’s finest Facial Plastic Surgeons while still young enough to be sharp, quick, and up-to-date on the latest surgical techniques.
Our out of town patients are often pleasantly surprised to learn their procedure can be performed in Salt Lake City at a lower cost than other parts of the country. With Utah’s considerably lower cost of living than many other large metropolitan areas you may be pleased to know we pass this benefit on in the form of “top tier” surgical care at an often competitively lower cost than one would find in Los Angeles or Manhattan.

Located in the heart of beautiful Salt Lake City, we are pleased to cater to the needs of the most discerning facial plastic surgery patients from not only around the country, but across the globe. His office is across the street from renowned St. Mark’s Hospital and just a quick 20-minute drive from Salt Lake International Airport (a Delta Airlines hub); and 30 minutes from the world-renowned resort town of Park City.

Built from the ground up, our state-of-the-art building includes Millcreek Surgical Suite, a world-class facility. Providing you the convenience of having your procedure as well as post-op care completed on-site. Our beautiful facility is completely equipped with the most advanced and up-to-date technology available.

We invite you to take a look around our site. Learn more about Dr. Mobley, our team, his nationally recognized credentials, and see for yourself. Your trip to the beautiful mountain-state of Utah can be your “secret getaway” to get the facial cosmetic surgery you have been dreaming of. When you arrive back in your home town looking fabulous, just tell your friends that your “vacation” in Utah and the mountain air is why you look so refreshed.

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Thank you for visiting MobleyMD. We are proud to be one of America’s top Facial Plastic Surgery practices, located in the heart of Utah. On behalf of our founder Dr. Steven Mobley and our entire team, we’re excited to welcome you to the MobleyMD family!

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