Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)

Otoplasty, also called ear pinning, is an outpatient surgery that reshapes the cartilage of the ear to allow it to rest closer to the head for a more natural look. Choosing the right Otoplasty surgeon is especially important because this surgery is frequently performed on young patients. Parents can rest assured that their children are in excellent hands with Dr. Mobley and his staff, all expertly trained for the safe and compassionate care of pediatric patients. 

Dr. Mobley has a particular interest in Utah ear pinning surgery as he underwent Otoplasty himself as a child, and his personal experience shows through in the care he takes to ensure patient comfort and the best outcome possible in each and every ear pinning surgery he performs.

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Steven Mobley, M.D.

Once the only full-time University based facial plastic surgeon in the state of Utah, Dr. Mobley’s practice is 100% focused on the face. As an academic surgeon, Dr. Mobley worked to distinguish himself amongst his peers. This involved giving instructional courses at national facial plastics meetings; teaching other physicians his surgical techniques; as well as being an invited guest lecturer at other academic institutions. 

Dr. Mobley has lectured and taught his surgical techniques nationally as well as internationally. He has written numerous medical articles and book chapters on his innovations. To further the field of facial plastic surgery, as well as to promote the education of other doctors, Dr. Mobley frequently contributes to medical textbooks and journals. Think about it… with his experience, Dr. Mobley is the doctor that actually teaches other doctors.

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