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As we age, all of us will undergo physical changes to our appearance. One common change to our faces is the loss of fullness, or deflation, of the face. While this is a common part of the aging process, it can leave us looking tired and less vibrant. Luckily, the Beauty Now team has the answer: cosmetic facial fillers.

Fillers are one of the greatest innovations in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery. Fillers are most commonly used in the cheeks, around the mouth, the temples, and around the jaw line to restore youthful volume to the face. The Beauty Now team uses all of the latest fillers including: Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma. To find out which filler is right for you, schedule an appointment today.

During your consultation you will speak with Dr. Mobley about your areas of concern. Dr. Mobley will help you choose the right filler and proceed with treating you the same day (his staff can also schedule you for a follow-up appointment if that is what is best for your schedule). For most fillers, one appointment will have you looking refreshed and vibrant upon leaving our offices.

The Beauty Now experts at Mobley MD are well versed in all of the latest cosmetic fillers. Restylane Lyft can be placed in the upper cheek area to help give the appearance of a lifted face without surgery. Juvederm is a great injectable for a subtle increase in lip fullness that will look very natural and leave them wondering…”Are those really her beautiful lips?” Other fillers such as Restylane and Voluma can be used safely in many parts of the face to give a fuller, more natural appearance. At Mobley MD we are aware of the trend in some communities to “over do” the filler look. Rest assured, as a patient of Mobley MD you will look enhanced and rejuvenated, but never “over-filled”.

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Sculptra® Aesthetic

About Sculptra

Sculptra is a different type of filler. Rather than just simply filling the area, SculptraAesthetic stimulates your body to produce its own collagen. SculptraAesthetic works more gradually compared to other fillers. However, studies show that it lasts over 2 years thus creating a both a natural and long-lasting cosmetic improvement.
Sculptra® Aesthetic is a unique injectable material that Dr. Mobley commonly uses to restore facial volume. It can be used in the cheeks, temples, and around the jaw line. Per the FDA, its three official sites of use are: nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the sides of the mouth), marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth down to the chin), and chin wrinkles. Sculptra Aesthetic helps to restore facial volume and while doing so, helps to restore a more youthful refined facial appearance.
The process is gradual and typically requires one or three sessions. After each session, your body’s facial collagen is stimulated and as time passes, the area treated will begin to slowly build its own collagen, which leads to a restoration of youthful facial volume and natural youthful improvement in facial appearance. Each patients needs are assessed individually but when multiple sessions are needed, the treatments are typically done 6 weeks apart. One or two of these follow-up sessions, spaced approximately four weeks apart, are usually required to complete the process. What many patients love about Sculptra is that it is a gradual process so that one does not look dramatically different after a given single treatment. Rather the results come on over the course of several weeks allowing for a very natural but gradual correction to improve facial volume. Because it stimulates facial collagen, many patients also notice a positive “Sculptra Glow” to their skin in the weeks following the treatment.

Sculptra Cost

The extent of the procedure may involve one or several areas of the face. The appropriate dosage for each area may vary, making it difficult to provide a meaningful cost estimate until you are examined by a doctor.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is provided to you in “vials”, not syringes. Your first treatment will typically require one or two vials and your subsequent session(s) will often only require one to two vials. After a consultation, you and Dr. Mobley can decide how many vials are right for you and this will determine the exact cost for the treatment.

A ballpark estimate is to budget between $1400-$2800 for a complete package of 1-3 Sculptra sessions.  Remember, Sculptra lasts over 2 years according to FDA data. Keep in mind that Dr. Mobley is also a national teacher of Sculptra injection technique. Dr. Mobley and his Cosmetic Nurse Injector will take the best care of you. Rest assured that you are in the hands of a well-qualified team that has treated hundreds of patients over the years with various injectable products. It’s your face, “trust experience”.

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